a statement on collaboration
drone alert sutras (sentilles)
roundtable / citizen (rankine)
the extreme (bachmann)
reckoning with torture (liman)

funk & wag (mel chin)
hidden reality (gulf coast)
7 testimonies (heyman)
proteus / blind huber (barash)
saudade (richter)
wildness / bewilderment (arbus)
exquisite corpse (tin house)
our times (mee)
wisconsin death trip (7 rings)
hello birdy (motherwell)
ploughshares (spring 2012)
inside nothing (1h05)
cartoon physics (neufeld)
empty spaces project
father outside (neufeld)
blind huber (everson)

bag of mice (neufeld)
her smoke, her trick (shuck)



ticking reviews reviews reviews contact interviews writ door


let it rain
(badly drawn boy)

song for the visible woman
(howard draper)

ink falling (father outside)
(buffalo tom)

heaven help the day

somerville (suck city)
(pernice brothers)

maledizione (curse)
(valerio piccolo)

the ticking is the bomb
(dean wareham)

blind huber
(stephen bull)